Integrate Voronoi with vertical element

Hi, can anyone help me and tell me how can I make the Voronoi Facade including vertical columns as shown in blue lines (a column at each corner of the floor)? In fact, some places show columns but in the wrong places, as marked by a blue cloud.
Also, is there any way to reduce the processing time? I think there are internal errors making the process take a long time. :face_with_thermometer:
Thanks in advance! (19.0 KB)

Have a try MultiPipe. (15.9 KB)

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Can you tell me what is this curve? I have tried to guess it but failed

I’ve no idea why it failed you, it usually works in most cases…
Anyway, there are always some workarounds…
If your edges have some curves(not line-like curves) it will probably give you a warning

You can add this small detail to avoid that issue. (16.5 KB)

I needed to graft the curve to work

That doesn’t make sense at all because if you graft the curves input, then you won’t be able to get a whole connected voronoi skeleton and it only gives you a bunch of individual frames…

Without graft, I get error !

I’m not quite sure why… maybe @DanielPiker can give you the answer, I don’t know. Check what is the error message saying first.

Thank you for your help :ok_hand:

I tried to remove the Flatten from Brep Edge, and it looks ok now

As you can see… I’ve already posted a flattened file before…

You are right. :+1:
Thank you

Hi, Kim
Do you have any idea if I want to make all surfaces between frames as ETFE (plastic cushion) as shown below. So, the final result will be as the image of The Edan Project.
In fact, I was thinking about Weaverbird Frame/window, but it does not work with the latest model.

There are probably many other related topics including the links bellow.

Thanks, I appreciate your help :+1: