Grasshopper Help - Voronoi Wall

Hello! I come with a Grasshopper inquiry. I’m working on a script meant to put a Voronoi structure, with an adjustable pipe frame on a curved surface. I tried to utilize a surface morph command with the attractor point Voronoi I had already created, and it’s saying that everything is correct, but the morph isn’t happening. Why would that be the case?

Thank you for your time, I greatly appreciate it!

Voronoi Wall - (14.4 KB)

Morph is happening, just in the wrong scale. You need to reparametrize the cylinder surface.


I think I’d make the reference box a little longer. Ideally it matches the circumference and height of your cylinder.

Voronoi Wall - (19.4 KB)


one way without seam could be:
Voronoi (19.5 KB)


P.E: simpler without patch and project:
Voronoi (17.5 KB)


That makes so much sense! Thank you so much, it’s very appreciated thank you for taking the time to look Mr. Siegrist!

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This is also a very helpful solution Mr. Saeed! Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to help me out, this will definitely help me figure out the cutting aspect for sure!