Slider with Incremental Value


I’m trying to create a slider with an incremental value that will drive a model in shapediver.
Starting at 60cm and going up in increments of 20cm to 300cm.
I feel like it should be simple, but I’m new to Grasshopper and for some reason it’s beaten me.

Hope you can help

Oh wow! That works perfectly. Thanks Joseph

for some reason the expression works in Grasshopper but it doesn’t carry through to Shapediver.

slider snapping isn’t carrying through either

How about putting the same expression in an Evaluate component? (‘Math | Script | Evaluate’)

incremental_slider_2021_Jul14b (3.5 KB)

Or does Shapediver support the slider ‘Edit Snapping’ feature? (right-click slider, ‘Edit Snapping…’)

incremental_slider_2021_Jul14c (2.3 KB)

Bummer dude!

Yeah it is a bit. I’ll reach out to shapediver and see what they say.
Thanks again

This is ridiculous, of course, and the slider values range from 0 to 1.

incremental_slider_2021_Jul14d (9.0 KB)

There is no support for expressions on shapediver. The snapping feature looks promising for doing what you want, and I just added it to our backlog, but at the moment the only way to snap sliders to specific values is through the Javascript API.

Thanks for getting in touch Mathieu.
I’ll use the slider and show dimensions in the model space. Or I’ll use value list.
let me know when the snaps are added to Shapediver.

Hi @mathieu1 can you tell me if this snapping feature has already been added to shapediver?

We found out that snap ranges are not exposed to the Grasshopper SDK, therefore there is no way to support them at the moment.