Instancing in rhino

is there a way to have instances from curves, surfaces or any object in rhino without the worry of breaking the history when moving or rotating or…? some instancing like what’s in Maya. I know using blocks can handle something, but blocks are not associated with history when for example we convert a curve into a block and use that curve to make a surface. the surface will be simply detached from the curve after blocking.

I use sub-curving and mirroring as the best option but that is limited. I want more freedom.

I also used grasshopper to define some offset to the curves I make, but I don’t know how to use unbaked previews with my actual curves. is there any auto bake node?

Hi Carl -

From your description, Grasshopper seems to the way to go - or writing Python/C#/Rhino scripts.

Not in native Grasshopper at this point, but plug-ins such as Elefront might do this.
When you adapt your Grasshopper definitions so that they can be run with the Rhino GrasshopperPlayer command, baking the result is automatic.