Update Rhino Objects position through Grasshopper

Is there a way to move native Rhino Objects through Grasshopper and retain connection in the definition? It is a bit tricky for me to even describe it and use proper nomenclature.

In the definition shown in the video I am using Instant Bake component from Flex Hopper plugin but it is not quite the effect I want to achieve. I want only one Curve which position is controlled by the Grasshopper, but at the same time, it is a native Rhino Object which I can edit with Rhino tools.
Later on, this moved and edited curve will be referenced in GH to control other things (can be referenced by Geometry Pipeline).

przesuniecie z bake.3dm (30.2 KB)
przesuniecie z bake.gh (3.3 KB)

20200102 MoveIt!.3dm (20.7 KB) 20200102 MoveIt!.gh (7.4 KB)

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Just a minor note: you can simply connect the ID component to a geometry parameter to get its ID - no need to go and copy that information from the Details... in Rhino.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: ,
It brings some problems, if I change shape of the curve it is treated as a kind of a movement. I think it is not worth investigating right now and I found good enough solution - Replacer from Heteroptera Plugin.


In my definiton I used the center of the curve’s bounding box as its “characteristic” point, because after each move, Rhino/GH doesn’t know where its original position is. To fulfill your requirement, I may use a point, which moves along with the curve, to mark where the curve’s origin is.

20200102 MoveIt!.3dm (21.4 KB) 20200102 MoveIt!.gh (39.8 KB)

Hi @gankeyu. I came across this thread when I was trying to find a way to control rhino geometry from grasshopper. I was wondering how you would orient a brep from a start plane to a movable end plane?

I have no real knowledge of coding, so have come up against a bit of a wall. I was able to edit your code to do what I want for the first iteration, but then I don’t know how to update the start plane to equal the end plane for the next iteration (when I move the Target Surface) - I’m sure it’s a fairly simple ‘for’ loop - but it’s beyond my current knowledge.

Where I got to.

2021-10-20_Orient_Rhino_Brep_to_Plane.3dm (3.0 MB)
2021-10-20_Orient_Rhino_Brep_to_Plane.gh (10.1 KB)