Interactive render from non baked grasshopper geometry

Hi There,

for my MARCH Thesis I am working on an interactive installation. I have a grid which gets distorted based on visitors movement.I want to know How I can get interactive render in grasshoppers without baking geometries. so I can project that interactive render into plexiglass glass .

I already tried custom preview, but it doesn’t work with lines .

Ill appreciate it if any one can give me a help


There are probably already better solutions in the forum… anyway:
this is a small c# script:

 private void RunScript(Guid x, GeometryBase y)
    Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectAttributes attr = new Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectAttributes();
    attr.ObjectId = x;
    RhinoDocument.Objects.Delete(x, true);
    RhinoDocument.Objects.Add(y, attr);

you will have a geometry (y) sent out to Rhino environment with a fixed GUID** (x).
It just “mindlessly” delete any previous geometry with that specific guid and “bake” a new geometry.
It doesn’t work with lists. It’s just an example.

live_bake (6.1 KB)

It should work with any geometry, but I suggest you to avoid it using surfaces/polysurfaces/breps as rhino will do the meshing every time and that will slow down the solution.

** Globally unique identifier


Thanks Ricardo, I will try that
and thanks for sharing the file