Installing python modules for Rhino 8 on Mac

There were similar questions for Iron Python versions, but I’m repeating the question for Rhino 8’s python:
Is there any way of installing modules for python on Rhino 8 on Mac?
I’m rather new to Rhino and new to Mac and I would expect a possibility to use virtual env of Rhino’s python and install modules I need, but I don’t even know how to access this virtual env…

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  1. Start _ScriptEditor
  2. Add a new Python 3 script
  3. Add lines with # r: modulename, like # r: numpy

In step 2. when you add a new Python 3 script that is not any of the examples you’ll see a text that explains the usage of lines starting with # r: as well.

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Thanks aaa LOT!
If only I had opened script editor in Rhino I wouldn’t ask that question :slight_smile:
Grasshopper’s script editor does not give such as hint and the very same # r: stuff works like a charm! Now taichi and numba will speed up my work… at least this is what I dream about :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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