How to implement Python 3 modules in Rhino 8?

Are there any documentation on the implementation of Python 3 modules in Rhino 8?

I have seen this in @stevebaer blog, Numpy and Scipy in RhinoPython | Steve Baer’s Notes ( for Iron python. What about cPython.


With _ScriptEditor create a new script, select Python 3. If you just create a new one that is not based on a template you’ll see some documentation. Following that you can add requirements like numpy to your script. They get automatically installed.

This has been mentioned already several times on this forum (already dating as far back as November of 2021):

Yes. Pardon me I missed it. It is so wonderful.

# r: numpy
# r: scipy
# r: networkx

import numpy as np
from scipy import constants
import networkx

<Python execution code>