Installation problems

good morning,
I’m Antonella, I tried to install the program, but I can’t. I attach the photo of the problem.

thanks for the help

You are attempting an offline installation? At which step did it fail?

Yes. I also tried an offline installation but I always have the same error

Are you wanting to do an offline installation, or are you trying that because the normal installation procedure failed?

We need to know at what point it failed and any error messages you got, otherwise it’s difficult to help.

I tried offline installation because normal installation procedure failed.
the error is: “Rhino installation failed to download the required packages from the Internet.”

There appears to be one other occurrence of this problem reported here:

I assume you are trying to download the evaluation version… Are you able to download the normal version from here?

I believe the problem is related to Rhino 7 Offline Deployment Problems

I tried with this link, but there is always the same problem :frowning:

I thought that the person was not really wanting to install offline… Normal installations should not be affected, no?

I want to run a normal installation, but not working, I tried with the offline installation, but neither one works

I believe this would affect both new online and offline installations as it has to do with a Microsoft change in the file certificate process used during download.

@brian ?

If it affected all online installs, I think we would have had a rash of complaints here…

I think it may affect online installs on computers that don’t already have .NET 4.8 installed. The workaround in that case is to install .NET 4.8 first.