Install upgraded Rhino 5 on 2 machines?

Hi Folks,
This may have been covered elsewhere but am I able to install The same rhino 5 upgrade on 2 machines if using the same version 4 licence as the original?
Thanks for any advice

Yes, as long as the Rhino on both machines is not used at the same time.


Thanks for that, I wasn’t sure after reading on the main site that the
upgrade can only be used once an any other upgrade use would have to be
with another license. I suppose that is intended as licenses that will be
used at the same time like on a studio an such.
Thanks again

The place to look is the is the EULA. It has the details.
There is no limitation on installing. Rhino is licensed based on concurrent use.
You own one license so you can install it on all the computers you directly control, provided your license is only ever in use on one computer at a time.