Rhino 6 Upgrade Commercial from Rhino 5 Student

I have a Rhino 5 Student license . It is on my laptop and Home Computer (more then one computer allowed on 5). No longer a student and want to buy a commercial upgrade to Rhino 6. I know that Rhino 6 can only be installed on one computer. My Question is "will my Rhino 5 stop working on 2 computers after installing Rhino 6 commercial.

No, your V5 will still run.
V6 can be installed on multiple computers just like V5.

However, if you have your single user license running on more than one machine at a time, you still risk losing the license.
In V5, we had to rely on the honor system more than we do now and that proved to be problematic.

With V6, the license agreement hasn’t changed, but the system does a better job of keeping users compliant with the one computer at a time requirement.

Please read the EULA: https://www.rhino3d.com/6/eula