Install Devsrf not working

I downloaded the Rhino5 64 bit version of DevSrf, and after extraction, copied it into the Rhino\Plugin Folder.

However, when I type DevSrf into the command line, it doesnt “see” DevSrf" in the dropdown list as an option.

Is there a special trick to this ?


Tools > Options > Plug-ins.

Make sure the plug-in is there, and marked loaded. If not drag the .rhp file on top of your running rhino 5 64bit version.

Thanks for the Reply. I looked up Help in Plug-Ins, and it is very incomplete. It doesn’t say “Tools->Options->PlugIns”, just "Right Click in The list area. I tried to figure out what a “list area” is, but there is no topic in Help called “List Area”

I used the “drag” onto the 64 bit program, and that worked.

Many thanks for the assistance.

Glad the drag&drop worked for you