Not able to find plug-in in the plug-in-list

Hi everyone, a Norwegian newbie here. I’m running the evaluation copy of v5 (64-bit) with no saves so far. I wanted to try the BoltGen plug-in in order to draw some threads, but after downloading, unzipping and copying the BoltGen.rhp-file to the plug-ins-folder, I am not able find the file in the program. I follow the guide “In Rhino, choose Tools, Options, Plug-Ins, and Install BoltGen.” But there is no BoltGen in the list for installing…???


(Thinking out loud here) Does BoltGen have a 64 Bit version?

When you installed Rhino, it probably installed both the 32 bit (x86) and 64 bit versions. First check to see if you didn’t put the plug-in in the 32 bit Rhino plug-ins folder. (Does BoltGen run in both versions?)

Another way to load a plug in is to have the Rhino window open, and with Windows file explorer navigate to the folder (plug-ins) where the plug-in is stored. Then just drag the plug-in from the folder into the Rhino window - that should install it without having to go into Tools>Options.


On the Food4Rhino page there is this comment:

Submitted by dr_d on Sun, 2014-03-16 13:05.
after copying the plug-in in without reading any directions, I also received this plugin is blocked; see

Here’s the steps that worked to get it installed:
Close Rhino.
Go to downloads folder.
Unzip BoltGen
right click, select properties
where it says this file might be blocked to protect computer because it came from another, click unblock
now open second explorer window; win+e
then navigate to the rhino plug-ins folder
drag the file from downloads to the plugins
select move/replace
start rhino,
select file–> properties
then go to plug-ins
click install
find Boltgen.rhp
click ok…

MANY MANY THANKS FOR BOLTGEN! It looks that it will be a big help for my daughter’s landscape architecture project.

Rhino 5 64-bit on Win7

Might be related?

Wow, that was so easy. It worked perfectly. Thanks a lot, all of you.

(Not really sure if BoltGen is the tool I’m looking for, but I need to fiddle a bit more with it before I make a judgement… :slight_smile: )

Another thing, this is so far the forum with the quickest response ever, I’m a bit thrilled about that. If I find that Rhino is the software I am looking for I guess I’ll “see” you guys later again :frowning:

Oops, running a bit late, lunchtime here in Norway…