Insta-scripting possible?

Sorry if this is a dumb question or already discussed.

Very often, I do operations that I’ll need to do exactly twice. I’ve become well-accustomed to just doing it twice, but please tell me if the following is possible:

I’d like to be able to say “ok lets do exactly that same series of commands again, but now over here.”

Is there a way to highlight a previously-used command and re-play all the commands after it again, without it taking more effort than simply repeating the commands?


You can create macros’s for combinations of commands you use often:

Yes, I understand that. Thanks for your reply, but please re-read the question.

I only need to repeat the series of commands once o twice, so creating a macro from them isn’t saving me any time.

Hi Hans - no, there is no way to do that in Rhino.


I understood your question fine, no re read necessary. Macro is your best bet if you find you are using some combo often. You can also repeat last command with right click or do a command loop by typing * in front of a command which will let you keep repeat the current command. But these solutions are only for one (the most recent) command.

i think Michael gave you a few good options. there is still the Macro Editor for an instant write and play each time you want a new object to receive the same treatment.

a quick record for the commands used would be more convenient… maybe @Helvetosaur could brew something up like that? it sounds scriptable to me.

otherwise approaching the work logistically is the best way to save some work. yes i know its logical and does not apply always, but often do we forget in the heat of the work. i mean using the same command hitting space to repeat the last command for a set of objects and then starting the new sequence.

No, as Pascal said it’s not possible currently. It’s not possible to use a script to “record” other commands that are running

If you’re only going to do the same operation twice and never again, it’s probably not worth it to create a script/macro. But if you think you might need something again some time in the future it might be worth investing a bit of time in creating one.


Middle mouse menu it is. Thank you!

Thank you, actually insta-macro was the word I should have used - not insta-script. I was being unclear.

I currently use the middle mouse button menu / most recently used commands menu. While doing so for the nth time, I asked myself why can’t I just automate all the menu clicks.

Then you could also save it for later as a macro.

Macro editor - that sounds like the one. Thank you!

Since Rhino clearly remembers past operations (because we can undo pretty far back) doesn’t it seem it could or might be worthwhile in the future to be able to access that. Since we can for instance undo and redo multiple. Maybe there can be repeat multiple since it theoretically should be using the same information. Just a thought.

Something like an “extract macro from command history”-function would seem very handy.

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I agree. While the Macro Editor is practical – I would use a Macro Recorder a lot more often.

In Photoshop I create disposable Macros as soon as have to repeat a series of operation five times in a row. In Rhino this usually would not be time effective. But with a recorder it’s so little effort – all it takes is pressing that red button we old people already had on our cassette players.


Another Macro Recorder is Macro Express.

SpaceClaim can record manual modelings as Python scripts.
I like this concept cause it can easily be edited, no strange macro syntax or command line limitations.

Wow, that would definitely be a cool feature… --Mitch