Record a string of commands and play again how?

excuse my ignorance if thus is a well known thing, but like I do in Photoshop, select record action, then perform actions, then replay it on other photos (naming it before doing so if I wish to), I wish to hit record, carry out commands, then run that recording on other objects. save it by a name to use it again and again.

Is there a way to do this rather than have to understand coding etc and write such for a button ?

I am doing:-
select resulting points (use select last created to do so) and group
fit circle through points.


This seems very similar to another recent request
I recall writing you a couple of command macros.

This one:

Hi John,
Have now replied to that post, I had missed it.
I have however still this quest, I would like to record anything I do as explained so as to repeat the string of commands as I do in Photoshop, not necessarily for lines but anything, to save having to select e.g 5 commands for each item. Maybe also able to name the string,.
Actions in pshop has a scrollable list named by me, forever going up it to find ebay pics resize for example.



That request for a “record and repeat” tool is on the Wish list.

The best you can do now is the command script like that example.

Hi John,
I hope the fairy with the wand grants the wish.
as its to be used on anything that needs repeating, to have to script it is not really practical unless one finds its needed for a certain set of commands again and again.

It would be so easy to record commands as they are run and the options they are given to then repeat them.


Since command scripting is so easy and widely used, I honestly don’t see this request getting much traction.

I certainly could be wrong.
That’s the advantage of discussing this on the public forum where other users can weight in with how useful they think a change or new tool might be.
That’s one of the metrics the “wand fairies” use to determine development priorities.

How are the fairies doing with the much needed “EASY BUTTON”?

Not for me it isnt.
yet again I am needing to do something that a button to record commands and options used would be most useful.
I havent a clue on what words to place together then make a button, will take me hours , I am drawing a perp line from an arc or line using ‘PointOnCurve’, select the curve then pick the point.

I could record that and do them all in 20 secs, however to have to code it all, its not my scene, I dont have time to stop the job and learn coding, ok for those that already know that, but I have to get this done asap then build my win10 pc, not get taken out of the race. so please it has a need for those not into coding, inc beginners.

lets have a race.
red vest
blue vest.
Red vest : click button or run command RecordCommandString
Blue Vest : get ready to do some coding scripting .
Bang…off they go, Red vest has clicked, then run commands and hit stop 10 secs.
Blue is there remembering what coding is needed for each command and how to do the bits inbetween. 40 secs

Red wins.

Anyone care to have a race ?

So easy, any beginner can do it. Tell them to get coding and some will fall over.

I am for the easy button, I need simple quick and easy.

Records any complex commands when Blue vest is still fathoming it all out.

Perhaps someone might set us a test, a few commands easy and medium difficulty. See what coders times are. Shame we dont have the red vest button to use to compare though.

Do I have to pay someone to do the record commands button ?


Hi Steve -

You always start by simply running the commands as you normally do.
Then hit F2 to see the command history.
Copy that to notepad.
Find the commands that you use and then the options that you used.
String those together into a macro. Use Pause when you need to wait for mouse input.

Read Rhinoceros Help and check the examples on that page.

If you have more money than time, definitely.

The other alternatives:

  • learn how to do it yourself (see above)
  • simply do the thing manually over and over again
  • ask a very specific question and provide a 3dm file with a typical scene
  • wait 10+ years for someone to develop the feature (… in a Rhino version that you probably won’t be running…).