Can one record a string of commands then run them again?

Just thinking of photoshop actions, where one can hit record and perform a few commands then hit stop.
open next image, play the recording and the same commands are applied.

e.g resize jpg, convert to greyscale, apply sharpness, save image to another folder as q8 then close image.
Hit play and iot does this to the next image selected on screen, anf the next one if you hit play, etc etc.

You can even batch apply and it will perform this on all images in a certain folder.

I would like that in Rhino.

e.g. I select a curve, then hit record, run commands divide, then ctrl F (last created) then PlaneThroughPt then delete the selected items (the points)…hit stop.

select my next curve, hit play and it does this again.

is it possible ?


Rhino does have a MacroEditor where you can start with. eg:

_Select crv _Pause
_Divide 10

Todo repetitive commands or macros, take a look in the helpfile for the _Repeat command. There is no recorder as this would result in an extreme amount of confusion and frustation eg:

What is when the view you´ve picked the curve in your recording does not exists, is not perspective, if the curve is closed and not open, is plan and linear instead of 3d and curved… you could imagine that the recording would need to take care of a billion things.