Inside out solid


I’m a learner and trying to teach myself Rhino for Mac using the Windows tutorials. So far so good but I’ve come across a problem I can’t solve myself. I’ve tried to extrude a shape I want to make a solid however it’s sort of inside out. I’ve noticed that when you click on some of the curves in the top view there are two of them but I can’t delete one of them. I’ve also tried fiddling with the direction in Analyse but no joy.

Most things I’ve managed to work out myself but this one has me stumped. I’ve tried to upload a screen shot and the 3dm file if that helps.

Cam.3dm (87.5 KB)

Thanks in advance

Hi Terry- I see a couple of things - one is there are a few places where there are curves overlapping - not quite duplicates apparently (SelDup does not find them) but nearly. So you need to sort that out, Then, if you look closely, there are places where the inner arcs so not meet the radial lines cleanly -

I’d clean up and then Join the curves before extruding - when you Join, the result should be only closed curves (SelClosedCrv will help, or the What command).


Thank you Pascal

My main error was to not have the correct O-Snaps selected when I built the object. I repeated the exercise after I’d had a nice cup of tea and it worked fine. However it’s good to know where I went wrong the first time.

Now for the next exercise. It’s nearly time for the Rubber Duck. :grin: