SubD: InsertSubDEdges should work for multiple faces?

Wouldn’t it be more useful if InsertSubDEdges (maybe should be called offset face) would offset the boundary of multiple faces if multiple adjacent faces are selected?

Like this:


You may be able to do that kind of inset using gumball extrude scale: start scaling with gumball, press and hold ctrl (cmd). Use shift to keep aspect ratio.


Interesting, thanks!

I’d suggest that the feature you’re asking for be added not to inseRt edges, but to inSET edges.

Kinda like with _BoundingBox, where you can do the box around each object you select or one box around all objects you select, _InsetEdge should give you an option for each face or all faces.

cc: @BrianJ

Yes, an inset like this with more faces in one go, without having seperate insets for each face, would be useful.

This is filed as, I added your votes, thanks.

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Yeah, this seems like it will become important for defining areas of local detail.