Inset and orient panels? Various heights and directions

Hi, thanks for dropping by and any help is appreciated.

Does anyone know how I can cap the underside of a waffle structure? I want to fill my waffle (refer to images for my specific structure) with concrete panels which is why I need this. Or if capping the underside is not possible, is there a way to take a grid of panels (per images) and move them up into each cell and orient so they sit flush with the waffle? Or is there a more efficient method which will achieve the desired results?

I should mention the cells aren’t all perfectly enclosed where I can just do a boundary surface from the edges. There’s more complexity to the structure, mainly coming from the assembly (notches). It might make more sense once you open the script. Data is internalized.

Again, any help or advice is appreciated. Been at this since yesterday.

Inset (4.4 MB)

Ended up solving it,

Took the bottom surface of the BREP, moved it up to interest with the waffle blades (flatten) from earlier in the script, and did a Split BREP Multiple.