Error with value listener

Hi @andheum, I have a problem to drive the creation of elements with the results of a value listener.
Every time something in the window changes, triggering your value listener, the entire window needs
to be re-generated.
HumanUi suggests to me to use the value lister to drive a “set” operation from the UI output tab, but I didn’t understand how to solve this problem.
Any suggestions?

You should not be creating new elements with the results of the value listener. In fact, you should never add new elements to the window after it has launched, period. The best you can do is pre-create all the elements you might need, and then dynamically set/hide/show them driven by the results of the value listener. If you provide more details about what you are trying to accomplish I can be more specific with my suggestions :slight_smile:

Hi Andrew. Is there are way to identify which components in particular are problematic?

Once the elements are added to the window an error message appears but I’m wondering if there is a way to get more detailed info.