Mixing Data Trees help

Hello, I have a data tree which is just a series of 12 trees,

From my main data tree, I want to call a certain tree and pass it into my data tree. I have tried to use tree branch, like i would to call a list item.

However, rather than putting them into my main data structure, they carry their original structure and merge together.

i have uploded a series of images to explain, so essentially in my main tree where i ask for 10, i want to call tree 10.

i understand the data trees are not matching, but I thought maybe you need to use tstat and create a new tree- i am a bit stuck.

Thankyou! Sam

Do you mean “just a series of 12 branches”? Posting a file is much more helpful than images alone.

Try this:

Edit the two clusters to see how they work.

Hi Joseph,

The first image i show, is made up of 12 trees, each with a variation of four names (slab added, frame, glass reflective).

The second image, with my main data is hundreds of trees, with you can see are A;B;C;D;E.

You will see in this image, I have a number, such as 10, which represents the tree I want to call from the first image, so in the end I want to see for example

data path 5;0;0;0;0
0. Slab addded

  1. Frame
  2. Glass Reflective
  3. glass

data path 5;0;0;1;0

(to match the tree called 10)
0. Slab addded

  1. Frame
  2. Glass Reflective
  3. glass

and so on.

My issue is when i use a tree branch to call these, as you see in image 3, rather than the values, going into the trees of my last list (5;0;0 etc) then just merge based on the tree from the first set of data.

I know if my data was just a flatten list in image 1, i just duplicate the data into my branches and use list item, but this doesnt work when I have a grafted set of lists.

I hope this makes sense, I am not on my desktop to recreate in gH but i hope that makes sense.

Without a GH file attached, I don’t even want to read your long description. Good luck.

Since there is no file, I’m guess you want to right click the tree branch component and disable maintain paths.

You don’t have to share the whole file, just make a copy of it and delete everything not relevant to the question, maybe even fake data if that is sensitive. Then just click the upload button in the text editor.

All these years and I didn’t know there was an upload button! I just drag images and GH files from Windows ‘File Explorer’ into the message post editor.

Good deal, we both learned the alternatives now.