Insert edge, starting from a point?

Is it possible to insert an edge like so?



Yes. InsertPoint - command

Cool, thanks!!

This is a good place to mention:
McNeel please gradually shift the McNeel language towards English. Insert point in fact creates edges and insert edge creates a ring of edges. Please fix this confusing naming.


True. Just working with that InsertPoint command, and it does more or less what ‘Cut’ or ‘InsertEdges’ commands do in other programs.
Works fine, however.

insert point can be a single point, or several points connected by an edge,
insert edge can be a single edge or several edges, or a loop…

Kyle are you McNeel employee, or just fighting their fight? I am not the only one finding the naming confusing. No need to explain what that command does. It adds points alright, but it is most used to subdivide* a face properly by adding a single edge.

* - a proper subdivide would be similar to how Blender does it. Assume blender before its current butcher.

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