Insert control point- enhanced command

Two things to be implemented to speed up edition:

  1. inserting control points for more than one line in one go. (Eg. For a bunch overlapping lines, but on a different levels).
  2. Inserting extra control points for hatches.

Hi Piotr - I don’t quite understand your #1



Imagine building floor outlines, let’s say 50 of them, identical in shape, but on a different levels with different attributes assigned, which means even with a vertical array you’d have to copy attributes from original curves.
I want to add an extra (identical) segment to all lines in one go, in plan view, so new point location applies to all curves.
At the moment I have to edit each one of them without loosing attributes.
I could do it in Gh, but I’m looking for something quicker.
Am I clear or you need a sketch?

Hi Piotr - in that case the current tools will let you do this if you copy with History enabled.


I am also talking about a case where lines don’t necessary come from the same curve, (they only share the fragment).
Anyway, I was just asking and fishing for better functionality.
Thanks for response.