Incremental control changes to array


I need help with creating incremental changes for my copies, where for each copy, the control point of (1,6) moves down while still retaining the polyline shape (please refer to incremental changes 1 image), and the result I am looking for is the second image (please refer to incremental changes 2 image). the second image I did it manually, but I am looking for grasshopper solution, that will save me alot of time and I am able to change it much more effciently.

I have uploaded my Rhino and grasshopper file along with this topic

Thank you

incremental changes.3dm (62.3 KB)
incremental (9.8 KB)

incremental (15.6 KB)

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Hi Dowazura!

Thank you so much for the quick response! I had trouble figuring this out for past 2 days!

The steps you gave was very clear! Thank you so much!