Add Points on several lines at once

Can anyone help? I am trying to add points on a bundle of lines at the same time. Can be either solved with grasshopper or rhino, since I created the bundle of lines with grasshopper. Thanks in advance!

I believe more information is needed.

If possible attach your file, or a simpler example. Also, explain what kind of points you want to add. You said lines, do you want to make them polylines, by adding control points? Perhaps you just want to place points on them to divide them.

It is not clear.

Yes, I want to have more control over the lines to bend them in rhino. But when I used the divide tool, it just created points, separate from the lines.

Sorry. I have to correct. I’m not looking for a polyline, rather for curves to build.

Hello - it sounds like you want Rebuild, either in Rhino or GH.