Inflation with grasshopper

Hey guys,

im trying to animate an inflation of a box with grasshopper.

the picture shows the inflation of such box.

anyone know a good way to do that? i didn’t find any examples regarding this specific topic.

Thanks peeps,

If you’re looking to simulate physical deformations, I think Kangaroo is your best (and only?) option in Grasshopper. But note that Kangaroo is not an animation package, it’s a solver, so it tries to find the end state as quickly as possible.

There have also been some attempts at plugging CUDA or some other high end physical solvers, but I do not know to what degree these plug-ins are available and usable.

There’s an sample definition of an inflating box in Daniel Piker’s kangaroo examples, that should be a pretty good starting point :slight_smile:

The Bouncy Solver component uses a more “physically realistic” algorithm that doesn’t converge quite as quickly as the default solver, but gives better results for animation.

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