Infinite Lines - Guide Lines Beta v6

Ah. Well I understand - both b/c of your explanation and (on a comedic note) b/c I realized I use a dark grey modeling view background color, so I couldn’t see the guidelines. :joy:


For those who try to change the color under Appearance settings like I did, it’s not there. It’s under Modeling Aids

Hi Alan - guides follow the SmartTrack guide color.


Yup, thank you

I would like to add a Wish that we can leave them visible when we want. It helps me visualize what I’m going to do next. Also, would be nice to be able to select-mirror them.



I second this request - it would be nice to at least have the option for them always to be visible. I like the default hiding behavior but it may not always be what’s desired.

2 requests just about = 1 groundswell; I’ll add the request to the heap.




Hello, whats new with this topic? Would be possible to set guide lines visible?

Thank you.

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Guides would definitely be more useful if you can turn them on and off without starting to draw. I try them sporadically, but end up going back to putting guides on a layer.

It would be natural to toggle Guides visibility by turning the SmartTrack pane is on or off.

Guide display bug is a much bigger problem: Rhino 6.10 - Guide display bug

If this bug cannot be fixed, it should be described in documentation.

Another Rhino 6.10 bug: Undo does not undo/remove AddGuide.

the number is still open,, will this be done?

Hi - I’ve added your vote to that request.

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I see that there are a lot of duplicates:

things that go back two or three, almost four years.
I really hoped that Rhino7 would improve the existing one
Think UX.

We have lots of things that go back 10 or 20 years. It’s a long list…

In my opinion, there are many great improvements in Rhino 7 over Rhino 6. If you don’t feel that a new version is worth it for you, you are not pressured into updating.

Are you saying my opinion doesn’t matter?

I’ve given you my opinion (which you clearly don’t want) and then said that you are the only person who can decide if an update is worth it for you. That is completely your opinion and it is respected.

Reading the Rhino 8 BETA release announcement, I see: “We are not adding any new features. »

Show/Hide guides doesn’t seem like an unwarranted or complex request to make (since you already show and hide them automatically).
SO. Soon three versions where this simple request was not heard.

Believe me, prioritization is hard. We have a lot of requests for features, bug fixes, and improvements. More than we can ever manage to do. We prioritize based on a number of criteria. Right now, the request for “show/hide guides” is scheduled for “Future” which means we have no idea when it will get done. There are two comments on the YouTrack issue, and two replies on the original Discourse thread. That level of engagement with the wish may be one reason why it’s not getting much action.

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Hi Brian,
I think many people are satisfied with what they find…anyway, one more request for this.

Please see my other post for this feature :slight_smile: