Live data on angle of line to x as I move its next

I need to see what angle a line is making relative to the X axis as I move the next point of the line before clicking to create the line.
The data panel only shows line length altering as I move my mouse, also x y z values altering.

How can I get angle also to show there ?


Go to Rhino Options - Modeling Aids - Cursor ToolTips - check “Relative point and angle”.
I’m in v5 but I think it is the same in v4.

I see relative point, I tick that, but the cursor tip numbers dont show 0 or 90 when line at horiz or vert.


Here is what I can see in v5:

This <45.00 is what you need, right?

Not seeing that in V4, there is only relative point in the tick options, no mention of angle.
I guess for some odd reason V4 overlooked angles.

also the data it does show is not spread out like that but one string of numbers.

Game over sadly. What a pain !

When I get a chance to move to V5 I will, but I must be sure CommandHelp doesnt crash the PC and with an out fo date IE, it will. I will also feel safer with 64bit.


Hi Steve.
Can’t you update that, easily?


As I dont use it much I guess so, I recall on the Office PC the interface was given the usual change for changes sake and was awkward for me compared to ease of use IE6, so for speed at home I stuck with 6.

I certainly wont be getting win8 though !


Cursor tool tips don’t show angle in version 4. With older rhino and a browser 3 versions back you are making life harder for yourself.

Yes fully aware, just no time as working all hours, to mess around with PC just now.

I intend to win7 it, major work, 3 weeks upheaval and more, been there before, with so many progs, drivers aaaagh !

Not withstanding the first hurdle, a mouse that works under win7 as it does under winxp…A separate post on that as its a potential killer issue, when I get time !