Indexing by geometry

I have a list of numbers that I want specific geometry to use for an offset.
I have this so far:

so instead of moving the slider to choose which index I want, I would like to insert something in the stream to do the selection for me, so I could have multiple offsets for different items.

So, where I have the connection labeled Offset 1, all geometry in that stream would be offset by 0.1875, but where I have offset 2, all geometry in that stream would be offset by 0.0625

I don’t know what this kind of thing should even be called, so I don’t know what to search for, but it seems like something Grasshopper should do.

Maybe I need some kind of lookup table or something?

It doesn’t have to use the list I provided, that is just an example, it could be something else that allows each stream to run with a different distance for the offset but be processed at the same time.

Geometry selected (8.0 KB)


Since you have several offset values, and one or several curves for each value, I’d say the solution is to create a tree of curves using Entwine, and a tree of values using Graft Tree.

As a side note, NEVER use both sides of a Panel simultaneously. Either input or output, not both. If you do both, data in converted to text, which can be a problem in more complex definitions.

Geometry selected (8.9 KB)

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That was exactly what I wanted to do, Thank you! I have been trying to figure that out for days.

Thanks, I’ll just use one or the other.

You didn’t internalize your geometry (curves) so I created some myself. (9.3 KB)

I just had some random shapes in there, but one thing I want is to have any number of random elements in each input, including zero.

If I don’t use the “Entwine” and “Graft Tree” they get mixed up… the 2 green ones should be the same:

Here with Tree and Entwine as @magicteddy suggested it works that way. I noticed I had to trim tree to get things back in the right order after the offset so my color coding would work

Geometry selected (15.3 KB)

:laughing: Hah! Too bad your first post was missing some important details.

Yes, and if I would have internalized the geometry it would have helped as well…
What can I say, I’m a noob. :upside_down_face:
I was having a difficult enough time trying to explain what I was trying to even do.

Put yourself in the place of those trying to help you. We have no clue other than what you tell us. Being a noob is no excuse! Did you read and search the forum before posting? This gets so very tiresome, it’s difficult to be graceful about it:

@Joseph_Oster: You make a good point, I most definitely appreciate everyone’s help on here and don’t wish to make anyone feel unappreciated.

I always search for the answers myself, and most of the time I am able figure it out, and when I post a question, I try to provide a concise example of exactly what I’m trying to accomplish instead of posting the entire project.

I admit I did not do a very good job of explaining what I was after in this post, I wasn’t precise in my details, and I also did forget to internalize my geometry, which I normally do, so I will be more careful of those things in the future. I apologize for making things frustrating.

I do however appreciate your suggestion, because it does show me another possibility that I’m sure will prove useful in the future.