Segments of a curve offset in series movement

Hi there,

I have 2 questions, how can i select from all branches a specific item? And how can i select segments from a curve (the contour generated ones) and in the next contour line a segment with the same lenght but more to the left for exemple (just as is drawed; something like a series move).


yeah, but how could i select item 1 from all branches in a tree ?

List Item

Do you mean item 1 or item 0 (the first item in each branch))?

I’ve seen many threads recently using this same geometry… from you?

in this way

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i want to select on every branch the item 1 or 0

yes, they are mine, i am learning GH in this quarentine time

List Item

So, i divided the line in some points generating a list, i want to select 4 points in one branch and the next 4 points on the next branch (next line) so they could be shifted and but i am not being able to extract those itens specific itens and shift for the next item… any guess?



The problem with this is that it select the same 4 points for every curve… i used the tree branch component and could achieve the shift between the curves, but unortunatelly it retrieves me only 1 point in the curves and i need more than 1 point in those curves.

list item !!!

list item is giving me this… i need them to be shifted not in the same position

I think i couldnt express what i want to achieve… i need to select this more points on each curve… for exemple: if i have one line with 1,2,3,4 points, the next line i need 2,3,4,5 and so on

‘Flip Matrix’ will do it

That makes it extremely difficult to help. I don’t even see a GH file from you in this thread?

sorry man, here it ismatch (67.4 KB)

Maybe you’re thinking of something like this? Or maybe not. (63.9 KB)

Or maybe you’re thinking of something like this? Or maybe not. (65.2 KB)