Increase mesh denisty after applying boolean union

Hi guys!

I created 3 solids (2 blocks and a cylinder) that I boolean unioned. The cylinder is vertically sandwiched between the two blocks. I now want to reduce the mesh size on the two blocks, but all the solids are now 1 polysurface. How do I do this while maintaining the mesh intersection with the cylinder solid?

I think you are using the term “mesh” incorrectly. You have polysurface not a mesh. Maybe you can clarify by posting an illustration or a Rhino file of what you would like to do/have…

This is what I did:

  1. Created 3 solids (1 cylinder and 2 blocks)

  2. Applied Boolean union to the 3 solids. Boolean union created 1 polysurface from the 2 solids.

  3. Apply rhino mesh to the polysurface.

  4. Result of applying rhino mesh is below:
    • Block mesh and cylinder mesh intersect (which is correct).

  5. Issues: The 3 solids have become 1 polysurface and I cannot alter the mesh density once the meshes are intersecting. I am trying to make it look like the image below.


From the image you used QuadMesh or Mesh2 in the Rhino V7 WIP? This does not look like the result of the normal Rhino Mesh command.

But the most important thing to know here is that once meshes are created, you cannot subdivide them as you can in Sub-D programs…

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