Increasing mesh density while maintaining mesh intersection

Hi guys,

I’m trying to increase the mesh density around three intersecting objects (2 blocks and a cylinder), while keeping their meshes conformable. So I’ve tried a few things:

  1. Using boolean union to join the 3 objects>>Close the cylinder at both ends using the Planar curves option>>>Apply rhino mesh to the polysurface and 2 surfaces.
    The 3 solids have become 1 polysurface and I cannot alter the mesh density.

Approach 2:
2. Apply Rhino mesh to the 2 blocks simultaneously>>>Apply rhino mesh to the cylinder separately>>>Apply Griddle surface remesher to the blocks>>>Reduce mesh of the block around specified perimeter>>>Apply Griddle surface remesher to the cylinder.
This produces the mesh density that I want but the mesh at the edges does not intersect and I cannot apply the Griddle volume

Please help with this, I have been struggling for a couple of months now.

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