3d figure daz3d to rhino

first thing I cant bool union it,

split mesh with curve, the mesh get ruin seem fail to split
pattern curve in surface cant intersect with curve which intersect in mesh(curve from mest intersect)

pattern curve in nurbs surface cant intersect with curve which from 3d figure mesh and surface pattern mesh form intersect

because i want the 3d figure’s back no through the pattern surface… so i cant see the pattern hole through
please masters help for :slight_smile:

cant union the whole mesh

not sure i understood you correct, i didnt find any curves in there but i assume you want to unite those 2. if you convert the polysurface to a mesh then i get some intersection curves. i have an old computer so you may try with a higher mesh setting then try boolean union once more. oh and you probably can use reduce mesh on that guy a little, its a really dense mesh, if this is a ring you might not need it that fine.

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importing an open millions polygons mesh and try to make union boolean with , You can’t do that .

you need to clean this awful mesh, close holes, reduce density etc…

is something like that you try to achieve ?

poser ring Cleaned.3dm (12.8 MB)

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i am really newbie in mesh setting, :frowning:
what to do with clean mesh, close holes( I know :slight_smile: … ) , how to reduce density?
etc many else things ?

what exactly mean to do, reduce mesh through what setting? sorry I ask so much hehe

but its really many thanks for your respond :slight_smile: RichardZ, Cyver, … and viewer hehehe

my figure 3d is from daz3d export, to *.obj (check options are: ignore invisible nodes, write uv coordinates, write normals, write object statements, write use existing groups write original maps surface)
and import to rhino checked groups, and import OBJ objects

so there is dense mesh ,

what happen with the eyes ? Mr.Cyver

is it removed ? or automatically after union process ?

Rhino isn’t the best tool for mesh work , anyway you have some tools for mesh editing … take a look, in help file.

For eyes, reducing density removed tiny details, eyes are under 0.2 mm , not essential to keep those details, you will never see after priting.

you can reduce mesh with more definition if you want to keep more details.

Also, the original ring has on the sides of the top some nasty looking seam. You might want to clean that up too. It is very visible in a raytraced version.

Almost not noticable from figure side

Very clear from the side

is it already union ? how to do with that ? can you share it please thanks

I only opened the model you provided in Rhino BETA. I added a gold metal, set ground plane and switched to Raytraced view. Simple screen capture.

i do ,
density = 0.39 (in detail control: all is 0, except minimum edge length 0.0001),
mesh fill holes,
mesh unify normals
and still cant union this,
are there something should mesh be repair ? Cyver

how to do ? only choose and correct the eyes

the mesh is huge , open, unwelded, you have many separated parts inside, like teeth/ tongue, eyelash, eyeballs, you need to clean all of this to get a light,clean and closed mesh.

Frankly , if you have no experiences with meshes, that will be a lot of pain to do this , and a lot of pain to try to explain how to , especially if you have only rhino to work.

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then i will make closed mesh… btw how can Cyver you manually edit the eye ball? hmmm or fill hole the eye hole?
fix with mesh software … to have fix wizard rite…?

yes, you should reduce density, remove unwanted parts, eyeballs too, weld vertices, fill mesh holes.
if you think you need eyeballs, just clean your mesh then add 2 spheres at right place.

you can do this job in any polygonal modeler.

with Rhino tools you can try with thoses commands :
_ReduceMesh , _ExtractConnectedMeshFaces, , _WeldVertices ,_FillMeshHoles

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