Mesh union fails in rhino

Why Rhino mesh union become failed (when multiple meshes are intersecting)
Other hand Gemvision’s command “gvmesh repair”
Do it smoothly but it takes too much time.
(I used dendro, (Mesh to volume>Volume union>volume to mesh)
But dendro’s has very dence mesh very heavy file)

Is there any solution in rhino??

Try rhino wip 8. There is new Boolean functions.

Also, run the check command on the meshes to see if there are any structural issues with the original mesh. If so, rhino 8 also has a shrinkwrap function that may clean up a lot of the mesh.

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I tried rhino 8’s shrink wrap, but i lost some details.
But I’ll try new mesh algorithm, I hope that will work.
(For now dendro grasshopper’s plugin can solve but that takes too much ram and grasshopper shows “not responding” for 4-10 min(I have 16 gb only with i7 10th gen without external gpu)

Where did the mesh come from. Run check on it and send us the results.

If you want to send us the mesh, we could check it out.

First I have modelled in NURBS (rhino surface and polysurface)
Then converted into Mesh (now these are meshes)
Then i used dendro to solve this.(I’m trying to get union object for accurate volume)
I’ll share my file and .gh file also, if you take a look that will be very helpful I hope.

I did not see an example file in this thread. Did you get a chance to upload it?

Sorry sir, I didn’t uploaded yet.
I’m making another file similar to my project because that is big to upload.

Uploading: Example file (version 7).rar…
0Geometry to union (15.3 KB)
Example file (version 7).rar (15.1 MB)

@scottd here is the code
Please take a look, i hope problem will be fixed :pray:

@Anil_verma your object contains some self intersecting geometry:

Other than that Shrinkwrap will make a close approximation:

and even handles the selfintersecting geometry quite well:

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I was trying to get a Volume of union objects, But when i try to fix it using Matrix 9’ “gvmeshrepair” command, That can fix it but takes too much time.
Even shrink wrap is good, but shrink wrap’s resulting mesh is very heavy to transfer or handle that file in some programs.