Human UI with Rhino.Inside Revit selection element

Dear All,

I would like to make connection between HumanUI and Rhino.Inside component – type of walls, floors etc but the Value Listener Component replies with Text not Element, Category.

Any suggestion how to convert text to element? And do you think there is a chance for upgrade of Rhino.Inside in order to put there components like text and not only category type, element type.

In attachment I send example file. Thank you in advance for any help.
HumanUI_bake Floors by (39.1 KB)

You should be able to get the ElementID [Integer] of a Type or Category and use that to convert back and forth.

Hi @AnnaAN,
What about this? (35.4 KB)

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I think you’re working with an unreleased version of RiR!

1. This component was saved with a newer version.
Please update ‘Rhino.Inside for Autodesk Revit’ to version 1.0.7884.31864 or above.

I replaced components with the 0.9.xx versions and it works like a dream. (22.1 KB)




Dear @kike , Dear @lignindes

Sorry for my late response but today I didn’t have access to my computer.

Thank you very much for your answer. I am very grateful for the help of both of You.

I would like to go a little further: is it possible to get access to Revit Filters from Rhino.Inside level connected to HumanUI?

I have found Element Classes Component and choose Autodesk.Revit.DB.FilterElements but I didn’t know how to use it to get list of available filters from Revit. Is it possible to find any manual to the new components which appeared recently.

Any suggestion will be very helpful.