Query Walls From Linked File


I’m trying to obtain walls from the linked file. It’s not able to get all the walls. I noticed that it returns exactly 100 walls. So I thought maybe there is a cap inside the component. I was wondering if there is a way to get more than 100 walls. Or to get hundred at a time but different hundred with each component. Or maybe I’m wrong with my assumption and something else is going wrong,

There isn’t a cap on the amount queried by this component. Are sure there are more than 100 of that particular Family Type?

I’m pretty sure. And even if they are not basic wall, when I try the other two options (stacked and curtain wall) no walls are coming. And when I select the walls they say they are basic on revit side.

Here is the type properties of one of the walls that doesn’t come through.

Lets try something like this

Re_WhereAreMyWalls.gh (10.8 KB)

This works! Thank you! Do you know why it’s different?

Hard to say without seeing more. I’m guessing it a particular family that you were getting, vs all the family & types. Something like that. I agree the 100 limit is suspicious, being thats the default limit on the query elements component as well.

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