Inaccurate Intersections

Hi, I’m trying to identify the intersection point between a set of lines, but the node returns a variable number of results. The input lines are the faces normals, so I’d expect them to always meet in one point; instead I get multiple results according to the number of faces I set.

I know these are very close points, but since I want to use the normals as axes for other geometries I’m afraid I might end up with symmetry inconsistencies. File for reference: Forum (8.5 KB)

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The surfaces you are using are not equal, so centers are different and normals are not symmetric.

Surface parameter is not linear proportional to space (as like as in curves).

Extract the circular edge and divide it equally or just start with 2 polygons and loft them.

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Thanks for you reply, I think I’ll just start with the polygons then. I’m a little bit confused though: isn’t the isotrim node supposed to split the input surface equally? Is it a matter of domain definition?

No. Not in a matter of “equally spaced”.


See this small example:
Green points are the control points of a the planar curve, then extruded.
Then i used your method to split the surface in 7 fragments: they are far from being equal.
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This method would yield more reliable results, IMO…

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