In 2D views, some objects cut by clipping planes are impossible to select

The selection menu is not showing up even if I try to click on the cut surface or on the edge. What does get selected is the geometry behind it (the grey surface).

Hi Bogdan - so far I am not able to repeat this in a simple test - the ‘uppermost’ object, even if clipped, is always selected.


Hi Pascal!
I managed to reproduce it a few times.

  1. In perspective mode draw a flat box and a tall thin box
  2. than switch perspective to shaded
  3. switch top to shaded
  4. in perspective mode draw a clipping plane somewhere in the middle height of the tall thin box
  5. than click on the clipping plane and assign it to top

At first the tall thin box becomes invisible in the top view, as you can see in the screenshot.
Once i move the flat box slightly in the top view the tall thin box shows up, but it can’t be selected by clicking or by a rectangular selection from LeftTop-RightBottom.

Hm - still no go here - thanks for the detailed testing and description - I see the display problem you describe but selection seems OK here - though it does show up a new (slight) glitch as well in the selection highlighting.


I saved it in a file. The thing persists even if i restart Rhino and open it again.

Hi Bogdan - thanks for that - it seems it makes a difference as to whether the vertical box intersects the low box. I see the problem in your file and it goes away if the move the tall box up slightly, over the low box.



Great! Thanks!