Wish: show selected objects highlighted in clipped view


I am 3D tracing a lot of scanned data recently. I like to use the clipping planes to make my life easier, wich works quite well.
However I would like to be able to see if an object is actually selected in my top view, which is clipped. Right now the selection highlight only in affects the lines under my clipping plane as you see on the picture ,so if I am working in top view only there is no way of knowing if an object is selected or not.

I would like Rhino to show me the selection highlight in the clipping plane .



Hi Andreas - for now, a second Top view will probably help - maybe that is what you are doing. I’ll have to check through the bug tracker but I seem to remember that showing clipped selections was actually a bug early on and was fixed…


Hi Pascal,

well, I have the perspective viewport open, which shows me what is selected but it would be so much more ergonomic to have this directly visible in the viewport I am actually working in.

Hi Andreas -

I’ve put this request on the list as RH-64984.

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Thanks! Will this be easy / fast to implement?

Hi Andreas -

It’s really hard for me to say but I would guess that it’s not all that difficult to implement. The hard part is figuring out if this request is something that should be implemented. As far as I can tell, there are now requests by two users to change the behavior that has been in Rhino for as long as there have been clipping planes. I would find this change intuitive but that only makes 3 of us so far.

As for how fast, a change like this doesn’t meet any of the criteria to put it in the Rhino 7 timeline. Exceptions can be made, but, if this change also needs a change in the UI, the earliest possible version would be Rhino 8.

Thank you Wim for your very detailed answer!

Of course I might be biased here but I would say that the current behaviour is not very consistent with Rhino´s general UI feedback (click on an object → it will highlight and be selected) so apart from this having “just 3 votes” would it not be common sense and good UI design to change this?

just asking… :wink: