Importing SOSI file format into Rhino

Hi guys!

Does anyone have any experience with importing or converting and importing terrain data in SOSI to Rhino? Most likely Norwegians like @Holo or @wim :D…tried to search for information it but no success so far. Are there any tricks or workaround for this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Petr -

Back when I was young I wrote a script for Jørgen to get SOSI files into Rhino. I stopped coding and it seems like Jørgen doesn’t do anything else these days :sunglasses: - he probably has something laying around for this.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: yeah, I have a simple sosi importer, but it isn’t updated lately. Do you have a sample file I can test it with first?

Hei, what a swift reply, or rather replies :sunglasses: thanks!

yep, here is the file :slight_smile:
Kart_Urnes-FKB2 (3) (753.1 KB)

Hi Petr, I had some trouble with the SOSI 4.5 version and we had to organize our daughters birthday too, so it took some time :wink:
Here is the result from my simple importer. (Do you know if the height curves are supposed to be 2D only?) I haven’t used it for a while and I don’t have time to look through your example file to manually see if I am missing some data right now.

Here is the Rhino file:
Kart_Urnes-FKB2 (3).3dm (3.6 MB)

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PS! You do know about this Norwegian site? Høydedata We use it to read out scan data, as LAZ pointcloud and then import that in CloudCompare and save as e57. Great resource for quick height only info.

But exporting as LAZ only gets you the DOM. You need to export the “Høydemodell” to get the DTM (and DOM) if that is needed. And the SOSI would only provide you with terrain data as in the DTM.

Hi @Holo,
oh thanks so much! This is excellent whatever the result is. We got this file for a competition, so right now just checking what does it include. That said, no idea what should be inside…

But as you say, Høydedata is quite a good resource, though I experienced it can be brutally heavy.

However! Thank you so much @Holo!!! and @wim

Just one more and quick one! What are the units of the exported file? To me it seems like cm, but just to be 100% sure :slight_smile:

Yeah, those were cm’s :slight_smile:

I double checked by converting to M to get the right coordinates in

Perfect, thanks a ton!

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Hi @Holo
I am looking for a simple SOSI importer to Rhino. Do you have something to share? I will be really grateful!

Hei Kris,
Have U found any? we use archicad, and achiterra, but i just got this crazy idea to get it directly in Rhino :smiley:

Unfortunately, I haven’t worked on this topic since then. Anyways it will be great to find some solution to that. In practice, it is just a text file so it is easy to extract data from it.