Importing Revit model into Rhino with base point


I am having trouble importing a Revit model into rhino and having the origin in rhino match up with the basepoint in revit.

I am exporting as a DWG, ASCII and the model is coming in way off. Any suggestions?


Hi Alex - are these exported files round-tripping correctly in Revit? If so, could you post a simple DWG file that shows this issue?

Hi Wim,

Not totally sure what you meant by round-tripping. I tried reimporting the exported dwg into Revit and imports it into the correct position although it not at the correct level.

I uploaded the exported model, i deleted everything except for one piece of geometry to simplify things. Let me know if this helps.

I linked the 3D View.dwg (13.5 MB)

The odd thing is that when I export to Lumion as a DAE file, the origin seems to match up with the project basepoint and the survey point. But just seems completely off when I export to DWG/Import into Rhino and not sure where Rhino is reading the origin point from.

it may be the internal origen point in revit:

There is a new plug-in to import Revit in Rhino (see announcement here). Maybe it can help.