Importing ProE/Creo Files To Rhino 6


I apologize if this has been covered already and I’m not seeing a proper answer.

I work for a large corp. who runs ProE/Creo - there are a few others like myself that use either Rhino or SOLIDWORKS. We have a large database to pull models from but they’re all .asm or .prt so currently I have to have someone else with Creo open the model, save as a .stp, and then send to me directly. It becomes quite a pain when I need to pull files frequently or need multiple models.

I know it’s not currently built into Rhino to receive ProE’s native files, but are there good plugins available that can help me import the native ProE files?

Do any of you have any other suggestions for working around this if there aren’t any plugins that fit the bill?

Thank you for your help!


I think Datakit may have what you want - but their plug-ins are not exactly inexpensive… :grimacing:

Hi Dustin, your best option if using Fusion 360. You can import most native file formats. It works quite well, reliable, uses native libraries, well supported. Then you can export from them as .Step to take to Rhino. Same for going the other way around: you can heal some stubborn naked edges with their stitching tools before exporting back to Creo/Solidworks/NX as Parasolid/Step.

My experience with Datakit has not been as good. At least with NX files, assemblies that imported flawlessly in Fusion360 had lots of errors in Datakit. But that was last tested 2+ years ago.

You’re not kidding! 1200 euros for importing capabilities - it costs more to buy the plugin than it did to purchase Rhino. Thank you for the info.

Thank you Gustavo - I’ve been exploring Fusion some on my freetime so this may be a good solution. Taking care of naked edges as well is a big bonus. The RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges command in Rhino6 has been a god send!