Importing .PDF into V4 sr9

I have a scanned blueprint in a .PDF format. Rhino says it is an “Invalid PDF”. I have been assured it is not a compressed file. Any workarounds? I also have the same info in a .tif and .bmp.


You can only import vector based PDF’s into Rhino. If you’ve scanned a blueprint it will be a pixel based image.

Try placing your BMP file as a Background Bitmap.

Or you can import either the TIF or BMP using PictureFrame. Then you can locate, orient and scale it as desired.

Thank you both. I will try and report back. Thanks again, Rick

OK Using picture frame is a bust. It tells me my .bmp’s are invalid and when I try to use the .tif files. as soon as I set the second corner for the viewing area, Rhino blows up and I get an error report screen.
Thanks for the help, Rick

Hi there,


  • Open your BMP in paint.
  • Save as JPG.
  • Use pictureframe.

Jpg’s have never backstabbed me xD



Or View>Background Bitmap>Place if you don’t want to convert the file.

Can you post one of the bmps or tiffs that make Rhino crash here?


Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord, (and all who replied, of course). :wink:
It’s funny, you never think of Paint for conversion purposes because it is limited but as soon as Jordy mentioned it, my thought was, “FOOL, why didn’t you think of that”.
Thank you all for the help, Rick

No problem xD

Paint FTW ! :stuck_out_tongue:

It would still be nice to have one of the images that doesn’t work so if it’s a bug it can be tracked down and fixed. If you can’t post it here, send it to with a short description of what’s happening…


done. Thanks for the help.