Cant Import PDF File to Rhino

I get “error reading file, null reference” While I can open the pdf in adobe reader, autocad, etc.

Here is the pdf file. Scan.pdf (866.8 KB)

Any ideas

This PDF comes without vector data (! Rhino3d needs vector or text data !) , so only pixel data is present !!!
Exctract Bitmap form PDF and use command PictureFrame for importing as reference.

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Illustrator is also vector based. Can open pdf just fine.
Autocad is also vector based. Can open pdf just fine.
Nice Rhino…

I lose a lot of quality swapping to bitmap and using picture frame/backfround bitmap.

Nice, but if vector data is not present only bitmap is imported…

From this PDF file, You are working with bitmap !!!
Attached scan 1692 x 2183 (1.7 MB)

I got it, thanks, I guess the other programs do it automatically.

They may be able to open it or view it, but they do not change a bitmap to a vector.

If you want to translate raster into vector data, use Adobe Illustrator’s Live Trace function.

I am aware of that. What I meant is that Rhino requires to to change the file to jpg or some pixel based file. While the other programs such as autocad or illustrator seem to do the convertion automatically when you import the pdf.