Importing materials in Toucan

Is there a way for me to import new materials into the Toucan Renderer? For instance, there are no wood materials in the default Toucan library and I need wood for most of my projects. I understand creating new materials using color, texture, transparency, etc. but how do I go about adding completely new materials based on images?


This article can help:

After you create a new material, select Show more settings in the gear pull-down at the bottom of the material window, as mentioned in the Advanced Editing section of the article. Click the pull-down menu next to Diffuse Color > Color well and select Apply bitmap texture from the menu.

Thanks Marlin, appreciate it.

I can’t find this information. What kind of material file does toucan use?
Also are there any known resources online to get more materials?

Toucan uses its own material file format.

Not that I am aware of.