Importing materials in Toucan


Is there a way for me to import new materials into the Toucan Renderer? For instance, there are no wood materials in the default Toucan library and I need wood for most of my projects. I understand creating new materials using color, texture, transparency, etc. but how do I go about adding completely new materials based on images?


(Marlin Prowell) #2

This article can help:

After you create a new material, select Show more settings in the gear pull-down at the bottom of the material window, as mentioned in the Advanced Editing section of the article. Click the pull-down menu next to Diffuse Color > Color well and select Apply bitmap texture from the menu.


Thanks Marlin, appreciate it.


I can’t find this information. What kind of material file does toucan use?
Also are there any known resources online to get more materials?

(Marlin Prowell) #5

Toucan uses its own material file format.

Not that I am aware of.