Importing Illustrator paths into Rhino for Mac

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Can anyone tell me how to import a path into a Rhino for Mac document without it opening into it’s own (separate) document?

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It should work with the import command but seems to be a bug with this command. When you use it via File-Import it will bring the Open dialog instead of the Import one. And if you type Import via command line, Rhino will pop up saying that this command isn’t implemented. So seems like it’s not implemented yet.

@marlin, do you think it would be difficult to implement it?


Thank you José

I’m gonna do all my paths in AI then import them all at once… but would be nice to add additional paths after the initial document has been made :slight_smile:

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It seems you can open the second path into its own Rhino dock, then ‘copy’ or ‘cut’ then go to working doco and ‘paster from clipboard’ … it seems to work! YAY!

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I thought you were aware of that work around. Sorry I should have mentioned that to you. It’s always good to find a solution by yourself ; )

Sounds like what I’ll to do. Rhino doesn’t seem very friendly to native drawing.