Can't import AI files from illustrator

I’m trying to load text from illustrator into Rhino 5 so I can extrude it into a dimensional sign. I have Created Outlines in Illustrator and then saved the file in CS5 and also CS3 versions. When I try to open in Rhino I get the error message “There are no objects to load” I get from the forums that Rhino doesn’t recognize all ai objects but I’m stumped because I’ve viewed tutorials that did this the same exact way. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Hi James- can you please post an example file here, or send it to



Hi Pascal-
Thanks for replying. I just figured out what was wrong. The letter outlines had been given a gradient fill which I got rid of. I set the fill to none and the stroke to black, 1pt and then was able to import with no problem.


Save your illustrator file as Version 8. If you want the illustrator graphic to land (when imported) in the centre of your top view, then in illustrator open Rulers and drag from the top left Corner the centre point position of the illustrator document to your preference (for the centre).

Then save as version 8 and import into Rhino.

  • Greg