Importing IFC to Revit 2022 from Rhino shows no objects inside


I modeled the mass of a building on grasshpper, baked it and set its IFC category to “IFCBuilding ElementProxy”, as I saw that masses in Revit 2022 correspond to that IFC category.
When I try to open the IFC I created from ggIFCExport in Rhino with Revit 2022 the result is nothing. A friend opened it with Revit 2020 and it worked, all the masses were there. Also, if I triy to open the IFC with an IFC viewer every mass will show correctly under the right IFC category. I checked the visibility settings of Revit, but everything seems to be in order. I have the same problem with both IFC4 and 2x3.

Hi Alessandro,

First thing I would suggest is that you check the mass category is enabled in visibility graphics settings for your view port.
I’ve just checked the files below in Revit 2021, and it works. Does it work for you? IN Can you share the ifc file (you can email it if you don’t want to post it to the forum)?

05-Revit-Feature-Swept blend arch mass (14.3 KB)
220404 swept blend (2.4 KB)



Hi Jon,

thank you for replying. Yes, the visibility settings are enabled on Revit 2022, but even your file seems empty when I open/link it on Revit 2022.

But if I try to open it with an IFC viewer it works fine.

Here is my IFCLayers settings.

And here are the .gh and .ifc files.

Kind regards,

Alessandro (41.7 KB) (403.4 KB)

Make sure you install our ggRevitIFC plugin and use it to import the IFC.
We use features and aspects of IFC that are not available in the out of the box link or open IFC.