IFC Export: Yellow Blocks around windows and openings

Hi there

When exporting IFC out of Rhino and importing into Revit I get this weird box around all openings:

Some furniture element also go into the wrong locations (see the closets in the screenshots). I’ve sent the file to you guys by email.

Hi @rheinason,

We couldn’t reproduce the issue. Which Revit version are you using? Are you using any plug-in to import the IFC file to Revit?

This looks like an already known error. We are working on it, so I’ll add your vote and file to this topic in our Bug List.

Revit 2022. But the same issue shows up in 2020. It’s not everywhere, but most places. It’s pretty odd.

Hi @rheinason,

We have checking this error again. Please, could we get the original Rhino file? We need that to continue with the process. You can post it here or send it to visualarq@asuni.com.

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