Why does this happen?

I imported a drawing that started out as a .svg file. I extruded a circle from the drawing and is comes out with segment lines. When I draw my own circle in Rhino it does not have the segment lines. (see pic) Is there a way to get rid of the lines or will I need to redraw all the parts.

We will need the SVG file or the Rhino file before you extrude the curves to be sure,

My guess is if your turn on points for the imported curves and compare that to the points in the Rhino circle, you will answer your own question.

I see what you mean. Is there command to reduce points? I can redraw the circles, but if there is a simpler way.

It depends on the original imported curves.
Can you post one of the imported curves?

Hi CalypsoArt - SimplifyCrv is the right command, if the curves are nearly enough circles but this only works in V6/WIP on arcs and circles - it is broken for this type of curve, I believe, in V5…